Balsamic Sea Salt
Balsamic Sea Salt
Balsamic Sea Salt

Balsamic Sea Salt

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45 g (1.59 oz)

Our balsamic fleur de sel adds a robust & sophisticated dimension to salads, veggies, pasta, fish, chicken, white meats. Made with Italian Modena Balsamic, the flavour will jump off your plate and tantalize your tastebuds!

Ingredients: Fleur de sel, Modena balsamic infusion

About Fleur de sel - the world's finest finishing salt

  • Hand harvested and handmade on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
  • 100% Canadian made from the pristine waters of the Salish Sea 
  • Infused with organic & local ingredients
  • Delicate, crunchy texture with a rich balance of minerals our savoury crystals will take your meals to the next level.


Gourmet garnish
Fleur de sel is a finishing salt that enhances the taste of soups, salads, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, even dessert. It is important to only use it on food just before serving, and not while cooking as high temperatures will cause the crystals to melt and lose their unique character.

Three-finger pinch
There is an art to sprinkling fleur de sel on your food. Take a three-finger pinch, then in one circular motion high above the plate crush the crystals between your fingertips letting them fall randomly to create a rollercoaster of taste with every bite.

Display & refill
Keep a variety of natural and flavoured sea salts in small ceramic or glass bowls on the table or kitchen countertop and refill as needed. The colourful array of crystals are beautiful to behold and enrich the dining experience.


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