Cranberry Sangria
Cranberry Sangria

Cranberry Sangria

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105g (3.70oz)

Cranberry Sangria mix for the holiday season. Great for entertaining or to gift as a stocking stuffer!

Prepared in Canada

How To Use:

What you Need:
Contents of pouch of Cranberry Sangria mix
1 bottle - 750 ml (25 oz.) Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé
500 ml (17 oz.) Soda water
Ice for serving

What to do:
In a pitcher, mix together Cranberry Sangria mix and Wine, stir until all sugar has dissolved. Slowly pour in soda water. Pour into glasses filled with ice and enjoy! Garnish with frozen cranberries and orange slices.

We like to add sparkling water instead of wine for a mocktail version!

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