Miranda Ring
Miranda Ring
Miranda Ring

Miranda Ring

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Glee Jewelry is based in beautiful Victoria, B.C on Vancouver Island where the abundance of natural beauty is almost overwhelming. You may notice many of their designs have an organic flair and compliment individual styles- whether you consider yours to be contemporary, exotic or simplistic.

All of the metals used in Glee’s designs are plated, using high-quality electroplating.
The plating does have an anti-tarnish component to help extend the life of the plating as well.

All of these metals are completely hypoallergenic as they are nickel and lead free.

Gold – 10-14 K gold plating

Silver – sterling silver plating

Rose gold: a combination of silver, gold and copper plating to create the rose gold

Gunmetal - black nickel plating (no nickel in plating) Copper - copper plating


Caring for your Glee Jewelry

Remove jewelry when: 

  • Putting on any lotions, hairspray, or perfumes
  • When showering/bathing, or swimming
  • When using cleaning products, washing dishes, washing hands, etc.
Do not store your jewelry in your bathroom or anywhere else where moisture will affect the jewelry. 

Do not use jewelry dips or other harsh jewelry cleaners on Glee Jewelry. Use a soft polishing cloth if polishing is needed. 

The best way to store your Glee Jewelry is in sealed plastic bags in a cool, dry area. If you want to shine your items, use a soft polishing cloth or any soft cloth that will help to shine dulled jewelry.