Tropi-Cool Scarf
Tropi-Cool Scarf

Tropi-Cool Scarf

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Gardening, Travel, Gym, Golfing, Hiking and much more.

Relieves discomfort from overheating, hot flashes, night sweats, sunburns, fevers, and more.

The Cooling Towel provides instant cooling relief. No refrigeration required, just soak in cold water.

Product Information

  • Instant cooling relief
  • Stays cool for hours
  • Soft & lightweight
  • PVA (100% non-toxic)
  • Reusable carry bottle

How to use:

Immerse the cloth in cool water until completely soaked. Wring well to remove excess water and then shake for 10-20 seconds. Place on the head or around the neck or use as a refreshing face towel. When not in use, store the damp towel in the original case. Pull out the towel when needed, shake again for 10 seconds and then chill out. If you don't store the cloth in its airtight case, after about 24 hours, the material will stiffen up. Just wet and wring it — and it will come back to life!.

Although the cloth will stay cool for hours, for best results and longer cooling time do not leave the unused towel in direct sunlight.

Care & Cleaning

Machine or hand wash using mild detergent. Rinse well removing all soapy residue, then fold and place in the original case while still damp. Do not machine dry.

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