Discover Our Mother-Daughter Story: Celebrating Mother's Day at Valley

Discover Our Mother-Daughter Story: Celebrating Mother's Day at Valley

Valley Boutique & Home isn't just a store; it's a dynamic sisterhood of women united by our shared commitment to honouring and empowering the remarkable women who shape our lives.


About Valley Boutique & Home:

Established in 2014 by Shelly Van de Kuilen, Valley was born from a dream to cultivate a distinctive retail haven in NW Calgary. Swiftly, it evolved into a beloved sanctuary for those seeking both exquisite products and genuine, heartfelt service. More than a place to shop, Valley epitomizes our unwavering dedication to uplifting women.

From our diverse team spanning generations to our loyal clientele, we firmly believe in the transformative power of women supporting one another. Every offering within our boutique is infused with the passion and soul of our team, all committed to making a meaningful impact in the lives of our cherished customers.


The Mother-Daughter Duo:

At the heart of Valley, lies the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Shelly and Hannah. Shelly's expertise in floral design, product curation, and visual merchandising, laid the groundwork for a thriving business. Alongside her, Hannah brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. Together, they infuse Valley with their shared passion and creative vision, curating a diverse array of products and experiences tailored to their community's desires.

Their collaborative journey over the past 9.5 years has been marked by challenges, which they've navigated with resilience and mutual support. Supported by their dedicated team of women and the unwavering backing of family and friends during special events, they've tackled every obstacle with grace and determination.

When asked about working together, Shelly and Hannah both agree it's a fantastic partnership. They complement each other seamlessly, each filling in the gaps where the other may fall short. Together, they've crafted a harmonious working dynamic that they wouldn't trade for anything.


What Mother's Day Means To Us:

As Mother's Day approaches, we're reminded of the countless moments of love, support, and wisdom bestowed upon us by our mothers and mother figures. From comforting hugs to reassuring smiles, their presence has shaped us in profound ways. There's nothing quite like the solace of a call or visit with Mom when we need support.


 To all the incredible moms out there, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for everything you do. Our world is infinitely brighter because of YOU.


As we celebrate Mother's Day, we invite you to join us in honouring the extraordinary women in your life. Whether it's your mom, grandmother, sister, or friend, let us help you find the perfect token of appreciation. 


Explore our Mother's Day Gift Guide, designed to ignite inspiration and guide you in selecting something truly special for the women who mean the world to you. Our guide showcases a carefully curated collection of home decor, clothing, jewelry, candles, and seasonal favourites.

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